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Talent Development Processes focused on closing competency gaps so as to be more competitive

Our organization has the vision of helping our client companies around the world to close the gap between the direction in which a business go and the talent needed to guide them in that direction. We also work with companies that invest in consolidating well-rounded collaborators as human beings with a sense of responsibility for all the environment that surrounds them. It is our purpose to provide top-quality leading edge services based on constant research.

At Human Group we create and / or advise on the implementation of the competency-based talent development process at your company enabling your employees to reach highter levels of performance, To be successful with these processes, they should be constructed keeping in mind: the mission, vision and its strategies, the organizational values, and the cultural characteristics.

Human Group applies the following approach to develop competency-based human talent at your company:
  1. Understand the strategy
  2. Define the corporate leadership style
  3. Prepare the competency models
  4. Measure and evaluate
  5. Align all the Human Resources processes
  6. Implement the leadership development process